mgcBy the time the 2020 pandemic is in full swing, Marie has already adjusted to losing her partner to the cult of trumpism and her career to fickle market interests. With few options left, she moves to a neglected mobile home park near Saratoga Lake where she plans to adopt a dog and wait out the end of civilization.

It doesn’t take long for drama to erupt as Marie finds herself trying to coexist with a trump-loving bully, a rebellious teenager, a woman whose chronic denial has led her from NXIVM to Qanon, a sarcastic aging hippie obsessed with the Goddess Discordia, a mysterious girl who takes her rabbit for walks in a wagon, and an even more mysterious Caretaker. But no one suspects that as the 2020 election nears, a sinister plan is underway.

Marie and her neighbors don’t know it, but they’re pawns in a deadly game being orchestrated by the leader of a rapidly growing online hate group.

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