Diogenes (formerly Angela) Kaufman is an author, speaker, writer, Certified Intuitive Consultant, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and Astrologer, and activist. Kaufman’s work blends spiritual and social justice themes while reflecting dark and chaotic times in which the work emerges. Her nonfiction is both instructional, empowering, and critical of the status quo while their novels and short stories are meant to provoke, unsettle, and call readers to reflection and action.


Kaufman’s fiction work explores the shadow side of society, using stories to delve into class dynamics, political extremism, and individual motivations in the context of oppressive social systems. But you could also call the horror, dark fiction, crime, and mystery.

Kaufman is a contributing writer for The Peoples’ Voice and contributing writer and content creator for Erasing Spaces and Faces, exploring the impact of Urban Renewal in Saratoga Springs.

Their past work includes, Quiet Man (Trash Panda Press, 2020) which was a finalist in the Siskiyou Environmental Literature Contest, Golden Apple (2021, Trash Panda Press), Murder in the Gilded City (2022 Trash Panda Press) and numerous short stories. They are also author of Queen Up! Reclaim Your Crown When Life Knocks You Down(Conari 2018) and coauthored several books on earth based spirituality and esoteric subjects.

With experience in traditional and self-publishing, Dio is available on a limited basis to review and critique manuscripts. Please contact for more information on developmental editing services.

Books available through Trash Panda Press:
Quiet Man
Golden Apple
Murder in the Gilded City

Other Books:
Queen Up
Esoteric Dreambook


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